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Miss bee

Life Cleanser. 

I'm Bee and I'm a Certified Detoxification Specialist and an in-progress future Iridologist, but I've coined the term "Life Cleanser" for myself. I'm excited to have you on this journey with me. As a part of my daily health journey composed of research, self-testing, self-assessments, dragging my friends to test out different herbs and ways of life it lead me to a deeper meaning of 'healing'. I always thrived on the challenge of my friends and family coming to me about different illnesses that they had and putting their trust in me with such a delicate topic. I am very grateful for this.


During this learning period, I would research the dis-ease and the appropriate herbs and recommend them to the person. It gave me great satisfaction when they would report back with lab tests or their own praise reviews.  It wasn't until one day someone asked me if they would have to take herbs for the rest of their life? And that resonated with me because I felt the same thing about a prescription medicine that I had taken in the past. Every time I would try to stop taking the medicine, my pain would be so intense that for 7 days straight I would pray to God for a better way. There was a time I thought that I just had to face the reality of being on medicine for the rest of my life because there was no way I would keep going through that pain.

So this upped my dedication to a complete healing process. I started to spend less time learning about herbs and started putting more focus on the body and how it is intended to function. Before the processed foods, before the antibiotics, before a world revolving around fast food and pharmacy.

I dedicated all of my time to learning from different holistic teachers, doctors, biologist, and detox coaches. After this I pushed myself to do my own research to learn for myself. First, I had to research the functions of the body. I learned so much on most organs and how each part of our body serves an important purpose and, even though we can technically live without some, our bodies were created to use them all. Then I had to learn why those same organs weren't doing their jobs because if they were we wouldn't be sick.


I learned that our organs are riddled with acid and clogged with waste. This causes them to not function properly. The things that we have put into our bodies for years, decades, halves of centuries and so on have built up in our kidneys, our livers, our gallbladders, our brain, our skin, our spleens, our lymphs and more. This doesn't just include food. It includes breathing in fumes from toxic household products, showering and bathing with unfiltered fluoride water, pollutants in the air and so much more. We have experienced these things as "normal" for so many years. One of our goals here is to identify and eliminate things that aren't beneficial to our bodies before a diagnoses is tied to it.

With this, I have spent time putting together whole body detoxes which I like to call BeeTox Life Cleanses. These have been a great success. I've even tested this on myself and others during the creation process and have had multiple clients with many positive reviews. I've put together what I have deemed to be an effective detox processes.

Even now I am continuing to learn more and more everyday. I now offer a few BeeToxes that should fit your needs.  I've done this by putting together cleanses that work with the same flow as our bodies when it's trying to heal itself.  Incorporating your needs and my expertise will help you reach your goals. I have brought together knowledge that I have gained over the last 8 years, from my original herbal teachers and my own research, and use that to guide and coach you through your journey. 

  • Internal Cleansing

  • External Cleansing

  • Colon Cleansing

  • Personal Cleansing

  • Clean Eating

  • Detox Coaching

  • Lifestyle Changes

  • Eye Readings

  • and more!

Miss Bee
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