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BeeToxers asked and BeeTox by Bee is now delivering! Instead of needing to purchase all of your items need for your BeeTox Life Cleanse from multiple different sites, we are now providing a One-Stop Shop experience for you. Order one BeeTox Box and I will do the ordering for you!


This is a package that you would order after your Beetox is finished being written. This box would include most of the items that you need to be successful during your BeeTox!

You would have to purchase these items as a collective unit here. 


*I do not make any money from your product purchases. None of the money goes directly or indirectly to me.


 Most of your materials needed are included in the purchase of your BeeTox. (See below for what is not included.) Everything will be mailed to the SHIPPING address that you include in your BeeTox Box order.  Your shipping address cannot be changed once your Beetox Box order is placed. 


Things that are not included in your BeeTox Box 

  • Juicer
  • Blender
  • Food and Drink
  • Essential Oils
  • Bottles or containers for beverages
  • Converter/Transformer (if needed)

  • APO forwarding service (APO Clients) 


The pricing varies so each BeeToxer will have their own link for their specific BeeTox Box. Once the items are received your link will be removed. 

BeeTox Boxes

  • No refunds on BeeTox Boxes. The items from your order are ordered from third-parties, so there will be no refunds. If an item is not received or received damaged, please contact

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