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"I wanted to do the BeeTox as just a way to cleanse my body. I got so much more out of the program than I could have ever imagined. Some parts I didn’t love but did them anyway and it paid off in so many ways. Now that I’m finished the BeeTox, I have incorporated much of the process into my daily life and oh what a difference. Ms. Bee did an awesome job in communicating with the group and individually. If you’re ready for a complete lifestyle change; by all means do the BeeTox."

- BT327 (BeeToxer ID)

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"I won't say that the Beetox cured my HSV. But I will say that in the 20 years since my diagnosis, I've consistently had outbreaks every 3 or 4 months. Since completing the 12 week Beetox program, I haven't had a single outbreak! I recently celebrated 1 year outbreak free for the 1st time since my diagnosis....even when experiencing my normal triggers...and I know the Beetox is the reason why.   Thank you Bee!"


Real people. Real stories. Real Results.

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"I now weight 10 lbs less than the guy who called me fat in the office. He hasn't said a word since we last jumped on the scale. This program has changed my relationship with food, Im less concerned with calories, and more focused on eating quality food." 

- BeeToxer 

"My ears has produced so much wax and yes my hearing is better. I am always asking my husband to turn down the TV."

- BeeToxer 

"I am still very excited about this program. I tried for so long just to lose a little weight and here it is one week in and I lost 10 lb so that's very encouraging for me. I would love to continue this journey well into the future."

- Mike S.

"The focus was on eliminating processed foods, caffeine and sugar from my diet. The initial challenge was adjusting to the absence of these staples, but the promise of feeling healthier and more energetic kept me motivated. By day two, my body was clearly showing signs of withdrawal from caffeine and sugar. I experienced headaches and irritability throughout the day. It was challenging but I persevered. By the end of the week, I felt a significant improvement in my energy levels and I started experiencing fewer cravings for unhealthy snacks."  


"This detox experience has put me on a lifelong journey of eating right treating my body right."


"My motivation has trying to stick with the plan without any excuses, knowing that end date is approaching soon, lost ten pounds mostly in my stomach area, and pushing myself while being tried along this journey thinking mind over matter."


"Discoloration on toe nails noticeably less on one foot and completely gone on the other foot. Had heavy fungus on both feet that were cleared up during the BeeTox."

- BT228 

"I've made it through week 3 and very proud of my commitment I made to myself. I'm making healthier choices and understanding what works best for myself in order to continue." 

- BT655 

Real people. Real stories. Real Results.

Quit smoking on the BeeTox and currently 1 year 4 months* and counting cigarette free...

"Noticed taste bud changes throughout the entire process. It started off as noticing that I didn't require as much salt. I usually can have a heavy hand when it comes to salt. I know that could also be related to the fact I also quit smoking during the BeeTox. Smoking [cigarettes] kills the taste buds and smokers tend to oversalt food because they can't tase it."

*Dates updated periodically.

It's exciting to be...

"It's exciting to be able to see the finish line. It's crazy how fast these 9 weeks have flown by. I thought I would be more excited for it to end and ready to eat everything in sight once it was over, but I don't feel that overly excited feeling. 

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