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4 Week detoxification program.

Program includes:


-Your 4-Week BeeTox Life Cleanse is best used for energy and hydration. Use this detox if you have issues with dedicating to long-term cleansing. This detox is for people wanting to do a mild, yet effective clense. 


-Every part of our bodies have a "job" and serve a purpose. Our bodies don't usually function as intended because everything is usually blocked or backed up so our systems aren't able to protect us like they should. Like all cleanses, depending on the actual state of your body, you may have to repeat or extend a Life Cleanse to get the results that you are seeking. 


-An online course format for your BeeTox Life Cleanse. You get a one of  kind intense detox to assist with jumpstarting your journey. Once your BeeTox Life Cleanse is purchased, if you've purchased the "WITH BeeTox Box" option, the necessary items will be sent to your home. You will have a checklist to keep track of when your items arrive. You will also get access to your online course. Your BeeTox Life Cleanse is in the format of an online course.  


-One or two weekly one-on-one Coaching Calls with your Detoxification Specialist. During your BeeTox Life Cleanse, you will have changes, your body will have symptoms, and you will hve questions. Each week you get to schedule a Coaching Call to reflect on your Life Cleanse and to guide you through the process. 


-Each week you will have a reflection to fill out via link. This will help both of us keep tack of your physical and mental progress and change. Documentation beats conversation!


-BeeTox Box-Your BeeTox Life Cleanse includes what you will need for the detox. This is called the BeeTox Box. You don't have to worry about ordering items from different sites or the counfusion of getting everything together. All of that will be done for you and sent directly to your address! You are paying for the BeeTox Box items, hence the price increase, but at a heavily discounted rate.  If you are using an APO, you will need to provide a mail forwarding service. Most items can be sent to APO but there are a few items that will only be able to be sent through a mail forwarding service like If you do not selection the "WITH BeeTox Box" option you will only receive an online detox course. You will be responsible for providing all of the items needed on your own. 


What is Not Included in your BeeTox Box option:



-Any food or drinks

-Mail forwarding services

-Voltage converters

4-Week BeeTox Life Cleanse Program

PriceFrom $300.00
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  • BeeTox by Bee, LLC does not make any medical, health or healing claims. 

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